Entry to School

A School Readiness Program for Children with Autism


School readiness skills

The Maple Kids Entry to School Program is specifically designed to impart essential skills to children on the Autism Spectrum to ensure that they are ready to enter the Canadian school system. Developed by expert educators with more than 20 years’ experience, this program covers all the basic school-readiness skills across 6 key areas: 

  • Communication
  • Play
  • Social Interaction
  • Functional routines 
  • Behavioral self-management
  • Pre-academics learning and attention
 Thank you for considering our Entry to School service for your child’s early education journey.

Personalized care


Maple Entry to School

Our Entry to School program is a crucial milestone, carefully crafted to give you complete confidence in every aspect of your child’s experience. This includes their health and safety, ready-for-school curriculum, and the full support of experienced teachers. We base our program on research-backed approaches that effectively prepare children for kindergarten and beyond. Furthermore, we maintain safety, security, and cleanliness practices that exceed all state, local, and national guidelines.

Distinctive methodologies

Our approach involves hands-on activities that promote the development of skills essential for your child's success in kindergarten and beyond.

Math 101

Integrating numbers into real-life routines. Learning by counting objects, number sequence and writing.

EZ Reading

Daily reading activities using 'look, listen, repeat' exercises and advancing to phonics, writing, listening, and speaking.

Social Café

Helping children develop social skills around communication, behavior, learning and self-help so they can apply them at school and at home.

Rhyme Time

Improving memory, spoken and physical coordination through rhymes, dance and music.

2 - 5 years

11am - 3pm

Available slots:
hourly or more

Days available:
7 days a week