Junior & Middle School Tutoring

Helpings children establish a tangible link between learning and real-life experiences


for Junior & Middle School

Parents seeking an alternative to conventional schooling or seeking academic reinforcement and enrichment may consider our programs for their children. Maple Kids Junior and Middle school programs offer a significant advantage by focusing on improving children’s abilities, knowledge, and life skills that may not receive adequate attention in traditional school settings. For example, we emphasize developing children’s financial literacy to prepare them for adult life, as well as fostering their creativity in writing and public speaking, among other skills.

Who will benefit

Our service may be suited to those families who:


Experienced Educators

Our knowledgeable educators utilize their expertise to tailor teaching methods and materials to cater to each student’s unique learning requirements. They achieve this by employing a variety of techniques, including discussions, problem-solving exercises, case studies, role-playing activities, and other effective teaching methods.

Active Learning methodologies

Our approach to shift from a traditional, teacher-centered classroom to a more modern, student-centered model of teaching and learning is through the use of active learning methodology, like


5 - 12 years

4pm - 7pm

Available slots:
4-5pm, 5-6pm, 6-7pm

Days available:
7 days a week