Therapy and Workshops

Improving children’s quality of life with a wide range of customized therapies and workshops.

Occupational Therapy

Does your child have difficulty with fine motor skills, sensory processing, or attention? Our certified occupational therapists use evidence-based techniques, such as sensory integration therapy and hand-eye coordination exercises, in personalized sessions, to help your child improve their everyday life skills and independence.

We believe every child has unique strengths and challenges, and we work with families to create individualized plans that fit their child’s needs.

Speech and language therapy

Our speech and language therapy program is designed for parents who are worried about their child’s speech and communication skills. At Maple Kids, we have licensed speech-language pathologists who offer a variety of scientific methodologies, including articulation therapy, fluency therapy, and language processing intervention.

All our sessions are conducted using a play-based approach to keep therapy sessions engaging and effective, and we work closely with families to ensure carryover of skills at home.

Speech therapy

Psychomotor therapy

For children who need help with coordination, balance, or attention, our psychomotor therapy program can help. Sessions conducted by our highly qualified therapists will aim at developing children’s physical and cognitive abilities through mind-body exercises. These programs use techniques such as neurodevelopmental therapy and sensory integration therapy to help children improve gross motor skills, attention, emotional regulation, and overall well-being.

Maple Kids offers individual and group sessions, as well as parent education and support classes.

Parent-Teacher workshops

At Maple Kids, we understand the importance of collaboration between parents and teachers in ensuring the best outcomes for your child. That’s why we have a range of workshops where we can help you develop and implement strategies to support your child’s learning and development with expert guidance from our experienced staff. From behavior management to academic progress, our workshops cover a range of topics to help you understand and support your child more effectively at home.


Together, we can help your child reach their full potential and achieve success in all aspects of their lives.